Nail Clipping Service

Nail clipping comes complimentary with all other packages, but if you want your cat to have only its
nails trimmed without any other grooming performed, at Cat Studio you will be charged £10.
Healthy nails are important for cat’s health. Untrimmed nails can cause variety of problems,
including broken nails that are painful and can bleed; they tend to repeatedly get caught in a carpet
or your clothing which is very unpleasant for your cat. Most importantly, the nails can get overgrown
so much that they curl inwards and grow into the flesh of paw pads. I have once been called to trim
the severely ingrown nails. That cat’s pads were infected and bleeding, causing severe pain and
increasing likelihood of sepses. I advised the owners to take the cat to her veterinarian without

One day a man called asking about nail clipping charges for his beautiful Turkish Angora and when I told him that it would be £6, he asked me “Is that a price per paw?” I only stopped laughing after he explained that some pet grooming salon quoted him £8 per paw! Really!

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