Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming

Those who have experienced getting out of the bed in the morning and stepping onto a slimy sausage-shaped lump of compact hair regurgitated by their cat will appreciate the importance of regular grooming in preventing the hairballs.Outdated beliefs that cats are naturally clean because they groom themselves or that they hate water by
default are disfavor to cats and their human companions. Cats do lick to keep their bodies cool and to remove debris and lose hair, but saliva is not soap and it won’t remove dirt or excess grease from cat’s coat. This even more applies to long haired breeds, overweight, older or cats with health problems.

Every cat owner should regularly brush their pet at home; however, bathing, mats removal and even thorough

paw or belly brushing is often best leaving to a professional.
Benefits to Cats:

      1. Regular professional grooming helps maintain skin and coat health, making your cat feel and look
      2. Groomer will check for any issues which could otherwise go unnoticed such as scratches, infections,skin problems or flees / ticks. If any irregularity noticed, a groomer should advise you to make an appointment with your vet
      3. The more hair you brush off, the less is swallowed by your cat
      4. Careful brushing can address tangles before they turn into mats
      5. Treating small mats can prevent coat pelting to the skin. Remember: pelted hair creates discomfort,sores, infections, and even death in cats!

Benefits to Owners:

    1. Get that favourite black top out of wardrobe: less cat hair floating around the house, landing on carpets or clothes… and visitors could finally relax when sitting down on your sofa when they notice that it is not covered in cat hair anymore…
    2. Keep allergic reactions under control: regular cat bathing and brushing can considerably reduce
      dander, one of main airborne environmental allergens
    3. According to recent surveys around 60% of pet cats sleep with their owners. I am not here to talk of
      “attachment pet parenting” but about those greyish cat-shaped smears on your crispy clean bedding.
      Bathing your cat every 6-8 weeks keeps away the excess grease and dirt. As cats only grooming salon, Cat Studio is focused on wellbeing of your cat. My aim was to create a place where grooming is pleasant and pampering experience rather than a rushed procedure.
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