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If you and your cat were happy with the services you received at Cat Studio, we would appreciate your feedback in a testimonial.

"Took my Persian cat to cat studio .this was her first visit .i found the 2 lovely ladies very caring and relaxed .there was no rushing .couldnt believe how relaxed elsa my Persian was .(what an actress as normally runs at the sight of a brush) she was so stress free and relaxed .thank you for caring"

Margaret jones
Owner of Elsa

"Lily is a very caring person, took our cat Elle to be groomed by Lily and we were very Happy with the result, She had been groomed so lovely and smelt very fresh and clean, Highly recommended!!"

Lorna Richards
Owner of Elle

We took our rescue cat the weekend for his first ever pamper session and as we had only had him a week previous we wasn't sure how he would be, although he is a very laid back loving boy. Straight away we saw how much Lily cared and loved what she does and clearly adores cats. I felt very comfortable leaving Earl with her and he was good as gold and looked and smelt gorgeous. I would definitely recommend Cat Studio to anyone.

Rachel Cook
Owner of Earl

"Tina looks so beautiful and her hair is so soft now, but even more important, she is so calm and happy. Normally she is not friendly with strangers but she likes you and it seems as she doesn't even want to go back home!"

Mr Mohammad
Owner of Tina, Turkish Angora

"He has been like a mad kitten charging around and climbing everywhere ! It's like he has had new batteries bless him. What was very funny was the the other cat was really nasty and spat at him for two days we had to keep them in different rooms . She acted as if she didn't know him but everything is back to normal.
Thank you so much"

Maxine Bunn
Owner of Teddy

"Very happy kitty back home after her hair cut :-)"

Sian Rees

"Lily provides A very loving and professional service towards Her clients. She genuinely loves cats and makes them feel welcome prior to grooming. I have used Lilly twice now for both my Persian kittens and I cannot fault her level of service. I Will definitely use her services again as I know that there is a very professional highly recommended cat groomer within the Birmingham area, both my kittens looked amazing and smelt wonderful after Lily finished with them."

Shafiq Rehman

"I took my kitten for her first professional groom last month. Lily was wonderful and although I brush my Persian regularly her shedding was significantly reduced as a result."

Sharon Gibbons

"I took my two pedigree Persian cats to Lily for the first time today. We have been unable to groom our cats as they had never been brushed before they came to us and get very nervous as soon as we put a comb near them. After a few hours in the beautiful cat studio they are like new. Lily was so kind and patient to them and made grooming into a really positive experience for them."

Vicky Emery

"Evie was in a terrible state, her fur was matted, she was dirty, the fur was stained with discharge from her eyes and mouth. We did not know what to do. The only option we thought was for the vet to shave the coat under general anaesthetic. This would have carried risks due to her age and breed.
Then we contacted Lilly at the cat studio. We made an appointment for Evie, she was assessed, then the matted coat removed, she was washed. Throughout the process, she was at ease and showed no distress when she returned home.
We would like to thank Lilly for her excellent work."

Celia Plummer
Owner Evie the Persian Cat

"Took my five month old bengal kitten to have her claws trimmed today and was very pleased with results, Lily is a lovely,warm and caring person and obviously adores cats which made me feel at ease.
Will definitely use The cat studio again, highly recommended and appreciated, Thank you."

Bernadette Phillips

"Our two Persian beauties were in a bad way our chinchilla Persian hated being combed and her fur had become so matted it was making her ill. Lilly was amazing so kind and professional and gave our cat a new lease of life. We had our younger cat groomed the following week and she came back just adorable her eyes and ears were immaculate infact our older Persian did not recognise her and we had to separate them for a week ! I can\'t thank this lady enough."

Elaine Lawrence