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Who We Are

Certified Feline Master Groomer

  • You pet will be handled by Certified Feline Master Groomer – qualification obtained through attending an intensive course / extensive work experience with one of the first and most eminent cat groomers in the UK, Svetlana Borousova of Pet Universe, London


  • Unless you bring your cat to appointment either early or late, it never has to wait for its turn to be groomed. However, if your cat arrives before or after agreed time, or if it needs a short break during a grooming session, it will be comfortable in a large and always clean crate, with fresh water and toilet facilities.


  • Your pet will never be stuck in a cage dryer – I will hand dry your freshly bathed kitty by using a cat friendly dryer with innovative features such as noise reduction and variable speed.


  • Most salons, depending on their size, are able to take on 3-8 pets per hour. Those pets are typically shuffled between prepers, bathers, groomers or students, not allowing them much time to become familiar with anyone and causing anxiety. In Cat Studio your pet is with the same groomer from start to finish, without being rushed through the process and is always given breaks when need them.


  • Depending on the grooming package you chose, your cat’s coat condition, breed, age and behaviour, grooming sessions could take from 1.5 – 3 hours. Considering that only one cat at the time is being groomed, we do not have as many appointments as a typical “conveyer belt” salons, so please try to book at least two week in advance to guarantee the appointment.


  • Before their actual groom begins your cat is allowed time to get familiar with the groomer and the salon environment
  • Cat Studio uses Feliway diffuser which acts as a synthetic copy of feline facial pheromone, providing ever more relaxing experience to your cat.
  • Natural scents of cat mint, catnip and lavender are used to make grooming even more enjoyable to your cat – it is well known fact that cats respond positively to certain smells.
  • During a grooming session, a soothing and uplifting music specially recommended by cat behaviourist is played in Cat Studio.
  • Cat Studio uses only premium products, specially formulated to penetrate and revitalise your cat’s coat.
  • Your cats will get all of the patience/reassurance/hugs/kisses that they need. We love them & think they are just as cute as you do!


  • Cat Studio is cleaned and sanitized after each groom and all tools, including clipper blades and scissors are cleaned and disinfected after use.